Order Of Service

Pitlochry Church of Scotland

19 August 2018 at 10.30am


Welcome to our Service of Worship

which will be led by the Rev. Mary Haddow


Our Organist is Maureen Holmes

Our Reader is Gill Frame





A warm welcome is extended to all, especially those who are worshipping at Pitlochry as a visitor or returning after an absence. We thank you for choosing to join us today and trust you will be comfortable in our midst.   If you are joining us as a visitor, please make yourself known to the Minister or one of the Duty Elders.  It would also be great if you signed our visitors’ book which can be found in the Porch area of the church.

The Church is fitted with a loop system.  If you use a hearing aid, please change it to the “T” setting.

Both Words only and Large Print copies of CH4 are available in the Porch.  Please ask someone on welcome duty if you require one.

Tea, Coffee and Juice are served in The Tryst (the church halls) - after the service.  An invitation is extended to all as we gather to meet and mingle.  Please do join us if you are visitors for this time of friendship and fellowship.

Tryst for Prayer


Tryst for Prayer meet weekly on Wednesdays at 10.00am in The Tryst Lounge.Open to all.

Prayers are offered for personal, local, national & international situations.  If you would like someone to pray for you and your situation just let us know – every personal situation is held in confidence.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop a note through the letter box of the church marked – For Prayer, or speak to the minister after the service on Sundays.



Organ Introit


Welcome & church News


Call to Worship

Leader     When the lights are on, And the house is full, And laughter is easy, And all is well...

All            Behold I stand at the door and knock


Leader     When the lights are low, And the house is still, And the talk intense, And the air is full of wondering...

All          Behold I stand at the door and knock



Leader      When the lights are off, And the house is sad, And the voice is troubled, And nothing seems right

All      Behold I stand at the door and knock


Leader       And today...  And tonight...  And always..., As if there were no other people... No other house... No other door...

All     Behold I stand at the door and knock



Leader      With friend ... with, Neighbour, with stranger, Be among us today

All        For the doors of our house are open, And the doors of our hearts we leave ajar




Praise:  CH4 59  Oh, come, and let us to the Lord (Tune 1: Irish)




The Lord’s Prayer


All Age Talk


Praise:   CMP 54  Bind us together Lord


New Testament Bible Reading:  Acts 12: 1-17 (Page 1106 in the pew Bible)


Praise:  CH4 550  As the dear pants for the water



Offertory Prayer


Prayers for others


Praise: CH4 255  Father, hear the prayer we offer



Praise: CH4 536  May the mind of Christ my Saviour (Tune: St Leonards)




Sung Response:  CH4  675 v.4

 (Tune Duke Street)

Then grant us grace, Companion-God,
to choose again the pilgrim way
and help us to accept with joy
the challenge of tomorrow's day.












Summer Church Opening  this year begins on Monday 11 June and ends on Friday 14 September,

from 10.00 am to 12 noon each day.  This could not take place without volunteers from the congregation, so if you can spare 2 hours to greet our visitors from all over the world, please sign up on the rota which will first be in the Church on Communion Sunday, 3rd June. 



Wednesday 22 August

Tryst for Prayer 10.00am

Coffee & Chat 10.30am

Choir Rehearsal 6:25pm


Communion Service

Sunday 2 September

Communion Duty

Elders please collect Communion Duty sheet from the front of the church. 

Thank you.


Saturday 25 August

Tryst Walking Group

Loch Skiach.

This walk starts on the B898 on the west bank of the Tay at Kinnaird.  A good track leads all the way uphill to Loch Skiach.  The route back skirts Creag Martach and then a small lochan before joining the original uphill track.  Height climbed 350m.  Distance 7.5 miles.  OS map 52.  Contact: George Marshall 470575.

All daytime walks leave The Tryst car park at 9.30am.


Pitlochry Food Bank

Goods for the Food Bank are collected at The Atholl Centre (behind the Baptist Church).  Stocks are very low at the moment.  Please donate URGENTLY; cereals, rice, tins, U.H.T. milk etc.  Thank you.


Coming soon…

Painting sessions for Christmas Decorations, will be happening during September, October & November.  Dates are to be confirmed.  If you are interested in taking part please contact: David Ewan 472403.

Any surplus rolls of wallpaper or coloured emulsion paint would be welcome.  Please deliver to The Tryst.



Pastoral Care


If anyone would like a visit from the Pastoral Care and Fellowship Group, please contact Romilly Carter


Listen again to the sermons on line by clicking on the icon on the home page.

Service for the Housebound:

Recorded copies of the Sunday morning service are available on CD for those unable to get to

church.  Please enquire at The Tryst Office for further details.

   Church Office - The Tryst:

Telephone:   01796 474 010

   e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  This Order of Service can be downloaded below as a pdf file

   Web address:



   Rev Mary Haddow 


   Joint Session Clerks:

   Mrs Ginnie Wilkie

   Mr Hugh Mackintosh


Scottish Charity Number: SC 008361







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