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Pastoral Care and Fellowship Group


The remit for this group includes:

• Organising fellowship events for the congregation;
• Along with the Worship Group – oversight of the Sunday Club;
• Explore Church Membership courses available for new attenders;
• Keeping oversight of the Church Roll;
• Developing small groups for fellowship;
• Baptismal follow-up;
• Pastoral care visiting, offering a helping hand;
• Oversight of services in the community, e.g. James Court, Balhousie.


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Worship Group


The work of this group includes:

• encouraging participation in worship services by church members;
• planning special services;
• developing ways to promote worship at times other than Sundays;
• planning a service with the Minister on a regular basis;
• developing the use of dramas;
• organising the reader’s rota;
• encouraging musical involvement;
• developing participation of children and youth in worship;
• encouraging and providing opportunities for the development of a prayer life;
• suggesting themes, books of the Bible on which to focus, etc;
• oversight of the Sunday Club.


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Communication and Outreach Group


The remit for this group includes:


• Promoting the work of Pitlochry Church of Scotland in the wider community;
• Encouraging regular communication with the parish, e.g. Christmas and Easter cards or leaflets;
• Facilitating cooperation between churches ecumenically, and promoting understanding of other religions;
• Organising parish visitations, and visits to new homes;
• Developing groups for those interested in faith, e.g. Christianity Explored/Alpha;
• Looking for new ways to present the facts of the Christian Gospel to the community, e.g. through flower displays, audio-visual displays, films;
• Ensuring “The Torch” magazine is regularly produced;
• Ensuring the sound and vision equipment is suitable for our need;.
• Seeking and training suitable candidates to be part of the sound and vision team;
• Ensuring the Church web site is updated regularly.


world mission
World Mission Group


The remit for this group includes:

• Encouraging awareness of justice, peace, Fair Trade and environmental issues;
• Considering the Christian response to local, national and international concerns;
• Keeping our various Church partners with whom we have connections to the forefront of the congregation’s mind;
• Continued support of Christian Aid;
• Continued support of Blythswood Shoe Box Appeal;
• To promote Christian action in the world.


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Finance Group


The remit for this group includes:

• Overseeing the Church’s finances (income, expenditure, gift aid, budgets, forecasts for the Kirk Session);
• Preparing the accounts for the Annual Report in good time;
• Notifying the Kirk Session of any changes to payments due to central Church and Presbytery;
• Assisting any Group in the development of their own budgets, providing regular updates of expenditure;
• Seeking ways to fund special projects either from within the Church or from outside sources;
• Contracts and Salary for employment;
• Playing a lead role in the on-going development of financial stewardship within the congregation, keeping the congregation informed about our Christian giving and spending within Pitlochry Church of Scotland and the wider Church;
• Taking advice from national advisors when necessary.













Fabric Group


The remit for this group includes:


• Developing a clear programme of maintenance and renewal of the Church fabric with timeline of actions and budget estimates;
• Frequent liaison with the Finance Group over budgeting and timing of works;
• Liaison with Presbytery;
• Insurance cover for all buildings;
• Liaison with groups who use/let the Church buildings;
• Ensuring that all buildings and surrounding area complies with appropriate legislation;
• Updating the property register.


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