Minister's Letter

Minister’s Letter        April/May 2017


The Lord be with you.


A question for Easter:  What does love look like?


Rev Dr John Westerhoff, in his book A Pilgrim People, tells the story of an informal Communion service which he celebrated during Lent.   The gathering was small in numbers, so they stood in a circle around the Communion table.   As they prepared to pray, Rev Westerhoff asked for prayer concerns.


A little girl, standing next to her father, said, "My dad is sad, but he won't tell anyone" - a response which surprised her father, as children sometimes do in church.


While the minister was thinking of a response, the little girl stretched out her arms, and began to hug her father's leg.


In embarrassment, he said, "Oh Beth, stop it; you're hugging me to death."


"No dad," she said, "I'm hugging you to life."


At Easter we were reminded in powerful and dramatic ways, that God so loved the world - that God so loves you and me - that He embraced death so that we might be hugged to life.   And that we, being wrapped in God's embrace, are then empowered to embrace others - to cease holding on to our grudges and resentments, and to offer arms of forgiveness and reconciliation and peace to one another.


What does love look like?   Love looks like outstretched arms.  Arms which say, much as a parent would say to a child, “I love you THIS MUCH!”


May I offer everyone a blessing for Easter:  May you experience in your hearts the peace that only Christ can give, and in your living may you know the joy that comes to those who know that Christ is Risen, and with us.


Until the next time – The Lord, bless you and keep you.


Your minister …


Mary Haddow.


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