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For Glory and for Beauty: Creativity and The Church (31st May – 2nd June 2018)
Is it an important part of our being made in the image of God to be boldly creative in our lives, churches, and work? Are we all meant to be creative? The Abbey Summer School in 2018 will invite you into deep reflection on the subject of creativity and its role in the Kingdom with Iwan Russell-Jones as our plenary speaker (see bio below). It will also, through other makers and creatives, allow engagement with, and involvement in, the creative process in action.


Iwan Russell-Jones joined the faculty at Regent College in 2011 after a long career in broadcasting. In 2013, he became the first incumbent of the newly formed Eugene and Jan Peterson Chair in Theology and the Arts. Iwan studied at the London School of Theology and the University of Aberdeen before completing his doctorate at Oxford University. He joined the BBC in 1984 and has many years of experience as a producer and director, making programmes on all kinds of subjects for both television and radio. Last year, with the help of a team of students from Regent College he made a film called Making Peace with Creation (2016) presented by the poet, theologian and activist, Loren Wilkinson.


The Abbey Summer School will be led by Matt and Julie Canlis at Newhaven Church in Edinburgh.   Concurrently, there will also be a Library Course on the Old Testament led by Prof. Ian Provan.   For more details see the Abbey Summer School web site, or contact the address below.


The Abbey Summer School

112 East Trinity Road

Edinburgh,  EH5 3PD


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