Abbey Summer School 2018

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Creativity and The Church (31st May – 2nd June 2018)

The Abbey Summer School continues to evolve and try out new ideas.   The first morning had four 20 minute TED talks in quick succession to get us thinking hard about the place of beauty in the church.   Speakers included Phil Archer, Principal of Leith College of Art, and Iwan Russell-Jones, ex BBC producer and lecturer at Regent College, Vancouver.   Iwan said that John of Damascus in AD749 justified having Icons in church by the fact that they were another form of Incarnation, a way of showing God to the world.


Afternoon workshops are a regular feature of the Summer School.    They  supply an opportunity to try out some of the ideas suggested in the lectures.   You could  create an art installation, make a short film of two Biblical themes, and also have a guided tour of the National Gallery of Scotland, amongst other possibilities.   The workshops were linked to an Evening of Worship and Art, where film, installation, music, prayer stations and poetry guided the worship, based on Psalm 46.


Keynote talks by Iwan Russell-Jones included  a public evening lecture on "Fake News: The Film-Maker's Calling to Tell the Truth".   Iwan also showed a film he had made with the help of students from Regent College.  Entitled "Making Peace with Creation", it featured the work and teachings of environmentalist Loren Wilkinson, and is available from the Regent College web site.


The Pilgrimage is a highlight of the Summer School.   This year it involved a drive through the beautiful  East Lothian countryside to the coast neat Dunbar;  then a walk through Tyninghame Links to St Baldred's Cradle.   Communion was led by Matt Canlis as we gathered in the natural amphitheatre on the cliff top, curlews calling all around us.


Planning has started for next year's Summer School, which will run from June 5th to 8th.   More details are available from the address below, or from the web site:


The Abbey Summer School

112 East Trinity Road

Edinburgh,  EH5 3PD


David Wilkie


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