Church Bus Drivers

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Pitlochry Church of Scotland/Baptist Church Drivers

August                                     5     Wayne Manion                        482514

                                                12    Ian Rodney                              07966597791

                                    19    Graham Holmes          473153

                                                26   John Uytman                            472952


September                               2    Ian Rodney                  07966597791

                                                9    Wayne Manion           482514

                                              16    Graham Holmes          473153

                                              23    Ian Rodney                  07966597791

                                              30    John Uytman               472952






Note: The bus starts its journey at 9.45 am to take passengers to the 10.30 am service and also to the Baptist Church. Each passenger pays £1 which will be collected by the driver. If you wish the bus to collect you, please contact the driver before 6pm on the Saturday evening or leave a message on the driver’s phone. If you are unable to contact the driver, please contact Ian Rodney.

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