World Day of Prayer

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World Day of Prayer is a prayer movement with an annual service held on or near the first Friday in March (1st March 2019).  It is interdenominational and ecumenical and for all ages.


Throughout this service, written this year by the women of Slovenia, we hear stories which reflect their history and situation today and are invited in this year’s theme to 'Come - Everything is Ready'.


In a story Jesus told about a great dinner, the invitations are rejected, and then given to people on the streets.  However, there is still room and more invitations are given out until the celebration can begin.


By the beginning of March all the arrangements and preparations for World Day of Prayer are ready and, invitations are given.  We should ask who is missing from the table in our communities?  How can we include them?


As in the story, all are invited.  World Day of Prayer is for everyone.  Will you accept our invitation?  In Pitlochry the service will be held in The Tryst at 2.30pm on Friday 1st March.  A warm welcome awaits you. For further information please contact   Katie Young.

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