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This prayer diary is produced to encourage us, as a congregation, to join together in daily prayer. Please contact the editor, the minister or the church office if you wish to have any topics included. The Worship Group would also like to hear from any member of the congregation who would consider being part of the team who compile this prayer diary.




Give thanks for all those in this church who give of their time and talent to further God’s work in this community; Mary, our minister, the office bearers, the elders, the organists and the choir, those who prepare and administer the audio visual equipment, those who work for Messy Church, the coffee makers, those who provide the flowers, the office staff, the gardeners and the snow clearers.

Remember that we all play a vital part in sharing the love of God, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant our efforts.

Pray for all those who worship with us week by week; for those who, through age or infirmity, are unable to be present but can share worship though recordings or the website; for those who, for many other reasons, are prevented from joining our fellowship.




Give thanks that we live in a country where peace is the norm and that governments, local and national, aim to provide an environment where we can live together whatever our creed, colour or political view.

Remember the pressures under which our elected leaders work – trying to balance the varied needs, financial and social, of all our diverse communities.

Pray for all decision makers, local, national and international, that they may use their knowledge and experience to make decisions for the benefit of us all.




Give thanks for the lengthening days, the warmer weather and for the opportunities to enjoy our green and pleasant land.

Remember those who work long hours in agriculture and food production and those who provide us with efficient and reliable power and communication networks. 

Pray that, as we enjoy the fruits of man’s ingenuity, we use them well and give thanks for these gifts from our loving heavenly Father.








Give thanks for the work and witness of all the Christian denominations in the town, especially those who encourage co-operation as part of Churches Working Together in Atholl, particularly as we come together during Lent to celebrate what we share in Christ.

Remember all who cannot openly follow their faith or who must worship in secret, with the ever present threat of discovery and reprisal.

Pray that love and understanding on all sides will overcome fear and prejudice so that people of all races and faiths may live together in peace, with respect for each other’s views and beliefs.




Give thanks for all who work in the caring professions, especially those in Accident and Emergency departments as they struggle to cope with the flu outbreak and the increase in broken bones because of the cold, icy conditions.

Remember those all those who care, as volunteers or as part of their daily work, for the sick, the elderly, the disabled and the marginalised.

Pray that the carers and those in need of care are well supported in our community.




Give thanks for those who work internationally in the fight against poverty, injustice and inequality.

Remember those in Malawi, Zambia, Rwanda, and Pakistan who are providing investment and expertise in improving the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable.

Pray that the outcomes of these projects enrich, enable and empower citizens to play their part in a truly global society.




Give thanks for all in our community who offer a smile or a kind word as we go about our daily tasks.

Remember the bereaved, the lonely, those suffering the pain of physical or mental illness and those facing difficult financial or life changing decisions.

Pray that we may all know the blessing of an all-powerful of God, experience the love of Jesus and find joy and fulfilment in our lives.



The service on the World Day of Prayer on Friday 2nd March is at Holy Trinity Church at 4.00 pm.

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