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Prayer Diary – August/September 2018


This prayer diary is produced to encourage us, as a congregation, to join together in daily prayer. Please contact the editor, the minister or the church office if you wish to have any topics included.  The Worship Group would also like to hear from any member of the congregation who would consider being part of the team that compiles this prayer diary.


The Tryst for Prayer resumes on Wednesday 1 August at 10.00am.  All are welcome.




Give thanks for all those who give of their time, talent and enthusiasm to enhance the work of Christian Churches throughout the world, especially those in this church, and Juli and her family as they return to their home in Alexandria, VA.

Remember Mary, our minister, as she and Steven return from their time in America and those in Fairlington Presbyterian Church with whom she has been working.

Pray that wherever we worship we may come to know the love of God and experience the friendship and companionship of others.




Give thanks that we live in a country where the will of the people is paramount and that power is transferred without chaos and bloodshed.

Remember all those in positions of power and influence and of all political views.  Think of all those who make the decisions that will affect the lives of citizens today and in years to come.  Particularly remember those involved in the complex negotiations with the countries of the European Union.

Pray that, in this period of uncertainty and change, our leaders put aside personal ambition and political rhetoric to come to a consensus that will be in the best interests of us all.




Give thanks for all who work in education, in nurseries, schools, colleges and universities, as they prepare for the new terms.  Give thanks, also, for those who give of their time to enrich our leisure by providing opportunities for sport, music and cultural activities.

Remember those, both young and old, who are embarking on new academic courses, apprenticeships or other training and those awaiting important examination results.

Pray that whatever we learn or experience we may use for Your greater glory.




Give thanks for all who work on the land at this time of harvest, for those who toil on the seas and those who rear livestock to provide us with the food that sustains us.

Remember that all this bounty comes from an almighty and loving God.

Pray all people everywhere may have enough to eat and that governments and aid agencies work together to ensure a fair share for all.




Give thanks that, in this community, we have access to good quality health and social care, in our homes, in sheltered accommodation, in care homes and in hospitals.  Give thanks also for the teams of dedicated professionals and the many volunteer carers who provide this.

Remember those who are in need of care; the sick, the elderly, the infirm and those needing support during difficult times in their lives.

Pray that all may know the healing hand of God and the compassion of those around them. Pray also for the doctors, nurses and social workers, that they may undertake their duties with skill and compassion.




Give thanks for all the emergency services and volunteers who work tirelessly in difficult situations, often putting their own lives at risk.

Remember those who have suffered ill health or loss through man-made or natural disasters, particularly those feeling the after effects of forest fire, flood or war.

Pray that we may all work together to heal the divisions in our world and protect our fragile planet.




Give thanks that we can share our beautiful countryside with visitors from all around the world and that we can welcome everyone who is on holiday into our community.

Remember those who provide the services to support the tourist industry as they often work long hours for minimum pay. Remember also those volunteers who help keep our town attractive; those who tend and tidy our paths, parks and gardens.

Pray for all who are able to take a break from work or caring responsibilities to enjoy leisure time, either at home or abroad, that they may return refreshed and relaxed.  Pray also for those who, because of poverty or other ties, are unable to take a holiday that they may still be able to find respite in warm weather and sunshine.

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