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Prayer Diary – June-July 2018



Thank you, God, for the gift of music and the power of worship. Thank you for organists, pianists, musicians and choirs who lead our worship so enthusiastically.

Remember the Ministers and Readers who are taking services of worship throughout the Presbytery.  Give them inspiration and give them good health.

Pray for the churches without a Minister, who rely on retired Ministers and Readers to take their services.



Thank you for the Seasons – Spring becoming Summer.  We thank you for the beauty of flowers, fruits and plants.  The long evening light, to make up for the dark days of winter.

Remember those who are not able to go out and about.  Those of our congregation in Care Homes, in hospital or are house-bound and ill at home.

Pray for comfort for those who are unwell and peace for those who are anxious about the future.



Thank you for the words of encouragement we read in the Bible.

Remember those who cannot buy a Bible, because they cannot afford it, cannot read, or are not allowed to own a Bible.

Pray for Scottish Bible Society and other organisations who distribute Bibles in all the different languages in the world.



Thank you for the dedication of school teachers and college lecturers, when they want the best for their pupils.

Remember the school pupils will be returning to new classes and some into a new school in August.  Some pupils will be receiving news of their exam results and know if they have the right grades to go to college or further education.

Pray that parents, and children will make the right decisions.  Pray that the words you speak to the people you meet today would be encouraging, helpful and uplifting.



Thank you for the enjoyment of holidays, recreation and leisure activities.

Remembers those on holiday in our town.  Those who will be camping, or back-packing, those in B& B’s and hotels. 

Pray for our Minister, Mary, as she enjoys her holiday in the USA, and for Rev. Juli Wilson-Black as she takes our church services in July and the beginning of August.  Pray for safety for all the leisure activities and travelling long distances by road and air.



Thank you for our homes, our families, our friends, our neighbours.  People we see every day and those whom we only meet occasionally.

Remember those who don’t have harmony in their family life, due to disagreements or stress.  Those who are getting divorced and especially children whose parents are separating.

Pray for marriage counsellors, social workers, foster mothers and fathers and those who are willing to adopt children in need.



Thank you for our church, including “messy church” and coffee and chat on Wednesdays.

Remember those who feel guilty or unworthy of being part of God’s church.  Those who feel separated from God.

Pray that our Church and congregation would be a beacon of hope in a dark world, that we would have vision and mission to reach out to others.

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