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Prayer Diary – April-May 2018


Give thanks, at this time when we commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, for the hope, joy and reassurance that Easter brings to us. Through him our hearts, minds and lives are changed. Though he seemed to be defeated, he was the one who was victorious.

Remember the people who find it hard to rejoice at these events and to accept the redeeming love that was shown for us, because it is such an unbelievable thing, or they have never been told about it or they have lost their faith.

Pray that by the grace of God we may be transformed and encouraged on the path of faith, and that those who find it difficult to believe come to understand and accept this wonderful act; and may we as a congregation help them share the joy of Easter.



Give thanks for your Church worldwide, in which Christians of various traditions and denominations witness to your greatness and love, and teach and spread your Word.

Remember that Christians in some parts of the world are facing hostility, persecution and discrimination; they sometimes are physically attacked and their buildings desecrated or burned down.

Pray that God will protect them and give them the strength and courage to persevere in their witness. Pray that Christians in other parts of the world never forget them and bring them such material help as they can and sustain them by their prayers.



Give thanks for our Church here in Pitlochry, for our Minister Mary, for our trainee reader, and for all the members of our congregation who contribute faithfully in whatever way to its life – session clerks, treasurers, elders, office bearers, conveners of the various groups, the organist, the choir, the organisers of Messy Church, the Guild, the flower arrangers, cleaners, and so many others. Everyone’s contribution is precious, however small it might seem.

Remember that in May, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland will be held in Edinburgh, at which important deliberations will take place and crucial decisions will have to be made for the future. Bless the commissioners from this place who will attend.

Pray that more people feel inspired to get involved in the life of this Church, and new ways of “being the Church” are found to respond to the profound changes that are happening in our society.



Give thanks for the many volunteers and organisations working in this country or in other parts of the world, in order to save lives when natural disasters strike, or to bring relief to victims of war, disease or famine.

Remember that they are often in the firing line and have to carry out their mission in very dangerous situations.

Pray for the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, teachers who go out to try to improve the lives of people less fortunate than we are: may they be safe and their efforts successful. Pray in particular for the work of Christian Aid, on whom we shall focus our efforts in May. Pray that our response to the fund-raising for Christian Aid may be generous.



Give thanks for our community here in Pitlochry, for the various organisations and public services which ensure that daily life carries on as smoothly as possible even in difficult circumstances; give thanks for the people who clear the snow, keep the roads open, empty our bins, and generally ensure that this place is pleasant and attractive.

Remember that we can all play a part in making our town an enjoyable place in which to live.

Pray for those whose job it is to prepare the town for the start of the tourist season, so that our visitors have a rewarding experience and appreciate our beautiful area.



Give thanks for our educational system, which is available to people of all ages and backgrounds, and for the dedication and hard work of the teaching staff and administrators, in our schools and colleges.

Remember that senior pupils will be sitting very important exams in May and have to make choices which may determine their future careers.

Pray for the teachers and lecturers who have an increasingly heavy workload; may they be given the means and support they need for carrying out their difficult task in an age when the old ways of operating are questioned and challenged.



Give thanks that we have ready access to medical services and caring professionals, at home, in hospital, in nursing home, at home, in sheltered housing.

Remember those who, in their work as volunteers and especially the members of our Pastoral Care team, visit and comfort those who are ill in hospital or housebound, elderly, infirm, or lonely.

Pray that both local and national governments continue to support and fund our health services.

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